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Work In Progress

The Mastermaker of Onatar

That Dwarven forge-god zealot? Heh, watch out for his hammer - both of 'em. - Captain of the GuardWork in Progress Build of a Dwarven Paladin Mastermaker with 2nd-3rd Tier DPS and Excellent Defenses.Level 30 Lawful Good Dwarf Male (14 Paladin / 1...
Small Hephaestas 4y
Hephaestas1886Small Hephaestas 4y
Work In Progress

Reaper Tank/Healer

A fully defensive cleric built to tank through reaper content while also being able to provide group healing. Primary function is to keep everyone alive. Damage is not the point of this build as more often than not the idea is to be intim/shield t...
Small Laeris 4y
Laeris1638Small Laeris 4y
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