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Hello there! We at Spellforce enjoy casual, exclusive, and a no-drama guild environment. We are a team of Reincarnation Runners, Gear Chasers and Team Players.

We are a diverse group of players from as near and far as the Pacific Coast to regions of Eastern Europe. The majority of our little community is 21 or older, and though we will never turn down a potential member based on age, we expect a level of maturity from all our applicants.

Most of our members play an average of 12-16 hours a week, and though many like to min-max their characters and builds... If you are looking for a large and highly active guild, we may not be for you.
What Spellforce members do well and exemplify are as follows...

  • Spellforce members are players of high gaming caliber, examples of etiquette, and seek to promote a healthy vision of the game.
  • Strong individuals who prefer a less loud guild environment.
  • Members who strive to teach and learn from others, effectively becoming an Ambassador for the server, guild, and game.
  • Team players who see each guild member as a friend and considers their member's interests while playing the game.
  • Members who become best friends with their guild members, and know them much more personally than they would in a larger guild.

If you feel you exemplify any of the above qualities, feel you would do well in a more personal and smaller guild environment, then by all means, please do apply!

Members Enjoy...

Worry-Free Guild Connections: You will never be required to run sagas for renown, nor be pressured into guild-runs or events.

High level Airship Amenties: Spellforce proudly owns a Daedalyean Kraken Airship, full of Amenties.

Guild-Ship Crafting Stations: Access to both Greensteel & Cannith Crafting stations located on the Floor 2 of the Airship.

In-guild Crafter(s): Members who will gladly craft on your behalf at minimal cost to you, as well as members who are often willing to share materials or farm materials for you.

A Close-Knit Classic D&D Party Feel: Spellforce members often create lasting friendships that travel well outside the game of DDO.

Access to Guild Storage: All members are invited to utilize the Guild Chests located on the Floor 1 of the Airship.

Membership at Your Leisure: All members need not worry risking to lose their in-game membership should they become inactive. Inactive characters are not flagged for Removal until it has been 1 year since last active.

Spellforce endeavors to make a close-knit and positive mature guild community. Free from worry or concern, free from prejudice or embarrassment.
Apply at the top right of our website and become part of the Force today!
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