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Legendary Tempest's Spine

At the time of release of U29 and the Legendary raids that came with it, L. TS on Elite is both the same, as well as vastly different. The similarities are that the raid is exactly the same in terms of mobs, puzzles, mechanics and storyline. The differences are primarily mobs with inflated HP (I'm talking full-on Harry-like Beatdown for Minibosses) as well as mobs that do incredible amounts of damage (on a non-critical hit: 2,180, for example). I will try my best to give insight on what worked for me and my group during the raid - and what would have helped if we had known what we were getting into beforehand.

One of the biggest issues a group can face in this raid are the need for high enough INT and STR stats for runes/lever. So much so that it should be determined who CAN and WILL do runes/lever before starting the raid. Without them, a group cannot complete the raid. The wiki is actually wrong; it takes a STR of over 75 to pull the lever on LE.

Recap: INT Runes 60+
STR Lever 75+

How to Combat This: INT is fairly easy for a decent INT-based player to get up to. STR on the otherhand is not so easy. Ways to boost your strength up are using a Barbarians Rage, Primal Scream, Warforged Titan Cookie/Titan's Grip +6 (Psionic bonus), Divine Might (Pali/Clr/FvS - STR bonus based on CHA modifier - insight bonus) Tenser's Transformation +4 (Alchemical bonus), Yugo Pot +2, Litany/Epic Litany/set items upto +3 (Profane bonus), Madstone Boots (untyped), and finally if push comes to shove - DDO Store Pots (+2).

Another huge issue once getting to the endboss, is the fact that Sorjek seems to be buggy at this time on players that he hurls off the mountaintop. If he throws someone off and they have his aggro, he will ignore the fact that other players may be uptop and will reset to full health. This is a huge deal to party members who both may not have the time and resources to make it back up to the top and beat down on Sorjek 'X' more times if this happens.

How to Combat This: First of all, it is not a bad idea at all to have the entire party start to clear mobs around the base of the quest before starting the quest inside the mountaintop for when players get thrown off the top. If you are throw off and unable to pull yourself back up top or to a safe spot, you will be killed and lost in the wilderness.

Methods that work with Sorjek include:
  • Kiting (to an extent)
  • Tanking (Need extreme amount of PRR/displace/ghostly/etc items)
  • Holding Aggro in a hard to reach spot - Ranged him from afar
These are your best bets - and personally, ranged/caster dmg is the way to go in this raid at high difficulties. Whenever there is a room full of mobs do not try to take on more than two at once if you can help it. Play it safe, keep the party together.


A good way to go is classic-style Kiters (until tanks can mitigate such high dmg amounts), Ranged Sneak-spots (hard to reach high-ground ledges, etc) and Crowd Control - extremely important. In a raid where you can't bet on allowing yourself getting hit once before dying - this is imperative. Keep yourself from being hit, keep the mobs at 1 or 2 at a time, and CC'd, and you'll be up there to kill Sorjek in no-time.

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